Choosing the Rite Carpet

When choosing carpet first consider traffic on your floor. For instance, high traffic areas like a living room or foyer need to be durable but low traffic areas like a bedroom could take a softer less durable product. Different materials will have a different life span. Also, rental properties should focus on not only durability but stain resistance for longer beauty.

Consider these key points when buying carpet

Fiber- The material itself

Pile- Also refers to as face/nap addresses the actual height of the fiber

Density- Describes how closely packed the stands of fiber are. The higher the density the stronger the carpet!

Weight- This measures in ounces per square yard. Face weight describes the surface of the carpet & the number of Fibers- But the total weight includes surface, backing & latex. When comparing weight compare with similar fiber like polyester to polyester.

Texture- This tells you how the fibers are attached like looped, cut, or twisted. It will determine the durability and look of the carpet itself

Twist- This lets you know the # of fibers per inch and the higher the number the more resilient the carpet.

PAR Rating- This is a 1-5 scale to tell you how long it will retain its appearance.


The most popular fiber is because of its strength and durability. It is more resistant to fading, staining, crushing, as well as mildew.


This fiber is hydrophobic, stain-resistant with vibrant colors it is less durable and can fade in the sun.


This carpet is most popular for an indoor carpet. The tight twist with 2 tone fiber helps resist absorbing dirt. Soft to the touch and nice appearance makes it a good choice for family rooms and bedrooms.


Also known as loop carpet has dense construction that makes it great for high traffic areas. It is highly stain-resistant because it is uncut and looped. While it is great for stairs, halls, and basements it should be noted that pet claws can snag the fiber.


This carpet combines bother texture and Berber to create a beautiful look. The sophisticated look makes it a common choice for living areas, offices, and bedrooms.

Tip: To make carpet more comfortable and durable use good carpet padding!