More Info On Hardwood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

Made from planks for milled from a single piece of timber solid hardwood floors create a timeless beauty for your home and with proper care can last a lifetime and longer. Originally used for structural purposes they are installed perpendicular to wooden support beams/joists. Now we have more solid foundations and will aid in your floors lasting even longer.


This is essential for hardwood floors and actually quite easy. The type of maintenance need will depend on the type of finish used on your floors. The 2 main finishes are waxed and polyurethane and the maintenance are very similar. For wax, you want to use a wax cleaner that lifts the dirt out and adds an extra layer of wax. For polyurethane vinegar and water is the best choice.

Discover if your floors are wax or polyurethane. You can simply put a few drops of water on the flooring and if it beads up and stays it is polyurethane if it soaks in it is wax. You can also take a cloth with some mineral spirits if the cloth has a waxy feel it is waxed. Be sure to test a spot that is in a corner or out of sight.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring & Laminate

Containing slices of natural wood engineered hardwood flooring differs because laminate uses a photographic layer that has a protective coating. Laminate is not as thick as engineered hardwood due to the layers, engineered is thicker like solid hardwood flooring products. For a more natural look, engineered hardwood is a better choice than laminate. If the goal is less maintenance then you should go with laminate because engineered hardwood flooring does require some maintenance just like solid hardwood.

Waterproof VS Water Resistant

It is just as it sounds water resistant hardwood flooring products can handle a small amount of water and be okay but it is likely that a flood will cause significant damage to the floor. While Waterproof should be able to withstand any amount of water from a spill to a flood and still be fine. While the waterproof flooring can handle these conditions all products have their threshold and can still become damaged with prolonged exposure to water.

Hand-Scrapped Hardwood Flooring

Also, know as hand sculpted the hardwood look brings a beautiful rustic look to any hardwood flooring type. It is usually found in solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. The maintenance will be no different from normal hardwood flooring products.