More Info on Vinyl Flooring


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What is Vinyl Flooring

This is a durable synthetic material that is affordable and easy to install. It is commonly confused with linoleum & laminate which are many different products. Linoleum is made of all-natural materials and does require maintenance and with proper care can last a long time. Laminate is made of wood and is subject to damage from moisture and humidity. While vinyl is durable, water-resistant, and needs very little to no maintenance. Luxury vinyl products have become very desirable because of their beautiful look, ability to hold up to moisture, price, and durability. They come in planks and tiles with many options like wood-grain looks.


Sheet Vinyl - Usually available in 6 to 12-foot sheets, they have a fiberglass core that is resistant to curling, cracking, expanding, or contracting. The adhesive back and pliable material make it easy to install in any location with little to no prep.3
Vinyl Click Plank - This product is durable and provides a beautiful finish. The installation should be done by professionals especially if the floors are not completely even and level. Click vinyl plank is more ridged so if there are dips in the foundation you can experience uneven seems which will pose as a tripping hazard.
Vinyl Glue Plank - This product can simply be glued down to surfaces even uneven or foundations with dips. While we do recommend professional installations, the do it yourself-er will find this a better choice to install on their own.
Vinyl Peel & Stick - This option is much easier for the do-it-yourselfer. Because it is pliable and comes with adhesive it is easy to install on any floor.
**With all vinyl installation be sure to have a very clean and clear surface and allow time for glue/adhesive to dry before it experiences heavy traffic.**

Vinyl Maintenance

Unlike a lot of flooring options vinyl requires very little maintenance and comes with a protective coating already applied. No wax or polish is needed and may come with a stain-resistant coating that will prevent stains from permanent markers, mustard, red wine, and more.
Keep Clean - sweep, dust, mop, or vacuum to prevent scratches and basic wear and tear.
Cleaners - should be pH neutral and free of wax, oil, polish, and harsh chemicals
Liquids - properly remove standing water, pet urine, and spills even on water-resistant vinyl.
Prevent Scratches - keep pet's nails trimmed, don't use steam cleaners or vacuums with a beater bar, and use protection on the bottom of furniture legs.